Digital Marketing

3.9X Higher Paid Search Conversion Rate*

Today’s vehicle shoppers are finding their ideal vehicles online, before driving to a dealership.

For this reason, more and more dealerships are turning to digital marketing. They can’t afford to wait for customers to come to them!

Due to the obvious need for competitive and customer-driven digital advertising, we created a Digital Marketing Strategy that protects your brand name from your competitors and attacks new opportunities in your market. We also provide complete transparency throughout the entire process – from strategy and budget, to targeting and reporting.

Our digital marketing strategy is designed to increase response rates, generate instant showroom traffic, and provide prospects with the ultimate customer experience.

*Than industry average paid search conversion rate

The difficult problem we solve

Over the last few years, dealers have consistently turned to digital marketing to resolve low website and showroom traffic. Unfortunately, they haven’t seen the return on investment they were hoping for. They’re spending more money for the same or even lower returns, low conversion rates, and their sales needle doesn’t move. There’s no proof that their digital marketing efforts are working!

Why it's hard to solve the problem

Competition has increased and so has the average cost per click. Current keyword strategies are no longer enough to deliver the results dealers need. There’s an oversaturation of local competition and aggressive competitor pricing, but agencies lose focus and don’t pay enough attention to combat this issue. As a result, dealers see static reporting and deal with a lack of transparency from their agencies.

Our Solution

J&L’s Digital Marketing incorporates both online and offline data and utilizes the most advanced audience targeting strategies. We persuade shoppers with highly-relevant and effective ad copy and monitor the competition for frequent strategy enhancement! On top of all of this, we provide transparent reporting to spot trends and help our dealers know exactly how we’re spending their money and why.

Key Features

  • Turn Key Program
  • Paid Search, Display, & Social Ads
  • VIN-Specific Advertising
  • Offline & Online Market Analysis
  • On-Call Digital Analyst
  • Fast-Paced Customization
  • 24/7 Interactive Reporting


Need more proof?

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*Based on paid search data from all accounts.

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Google Partner Badge

Google Partners

J&L Marketing is among the elite tier of automotive marketing agencies that are a Google Partner. Of the 120,000+ agencies using Google AdWords, less than 5% receive the level of support that we do at J&L Marketing. This is a testament to the amazing results that we produce for our clients and our in-depth product knowledge. As a Google Partner, J&L Marketing has a dedicated Google Account Team that will help ensure that your digital campaigns are running at peak performance.

J&L Marketing is honored to be a part of Facebook Marketing Partners and their global community of companies known for excellence on the platform. With marketing and development support from Facebook, we’re better able to help our clients grow their business through digital marketing.

As a part of the Bing Partner Program, J&L Marketing receive exclusive training, technical marketing, and sales resources. This relationship helps us to better serve our clients and position them to meet and exceed their goals.

How do we generate better digital marketing results?

We Know Your Market

We do the most extensive research BEFORE spending one dollar of your digital ad budget.


Offline Data

We perform a proprietary market analysis that identifies geographic pockets of in market car shoppers with the highest propensity to buy. This means that you won’t waste your ad spend on out-of-market consumers.

We use proprietary software to digitally analyze your online marketplace and to spy on your competition. This allows us to craft better messaging and to target campaigns where it will hurt your competition the most.

A dealership’s data management system (DMS) is its most valuable asset. We use your DMS to create custom audiences that allow you to digitally defend your customers online. This is important because it will help you maintain your market share.

We Have The Best Account Structure

You organize your dealership’s lot in a thoughtful way. Attention grabbing cars are placed out front to draw shoppers onto your lot, new inventory is in one area sorted by model and another area is dedicated to pre-owned inventory. You do this to sell more cars.

We take the same approach to setting up the account structure of your digital campaigns. Campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads are all organized in the best possible way to entice shoppers and result in more cars being sold.

Their Structure:

Our Structure:

We Don't Set And Forget Your Campaigns

Your dedicated Digital Marketing Analyst will communicate on your terms. When you interact with us, we’ll highlight opportunities and the data that align with your business goals. You’ll understand what changes we’re making and why we’re making them.

Online Reporting Dashboard

J&L has a comprehensive online reporting dashboard that will allow you to have 24/7 access to all of your digital campaigns in once place.

VIN Specific Campaigns

VIN Specific Paid Search

VIN Specific Paid Search

Standard text ads for model specific paid search campaigns display generic text. When clicked, these ads send car shoppers to an inventory page on your website.

VIN specific paid search campaigns use your data management system (DMS) to match your inventory to a car shopper’s exact Internet search. These ads feature information relevant to a specific VIN (car) such as price and mileage. When one of these dynamically created ads is clicked on, it takes the car shopper to the vehicle details page for that VIN on your website. It provides the car shopper with the exact information that he or she wanted.


Case Study

A Honda Dealer in TN experienced a 151% increase in clickthrough rate using VIN specific paid search instead of standard model specific paid search campaigns.

VIN Specific Facebook Remarketing

VIN Specific Facebook Remarketing

Have you ever shopped on a major retailer’s website and later been served a Facebook ad displaying a product that you viewed in your news feed?

J&L’s VIN specific Facebook remarketing capability puts this elite marketing tactic in your arsenal. You’ll be able to serve VIN (car) specific ads to car shoppers that previously viewed that VIN’s vehicle details page on your website.

Case Study

A Honda Dealer in TN experienced a 214% increase in clickthrough rate using VIN specific Facebook remarketing instead of standard Facebook remarketing.

VIN Specific Display Remarketing

VIN Specific Display Remarketing

Banner ad blindness is when website visitors unconsciously or consciously ignore generic banner ads on websites. You need to catch the eye of car shoppers with ads that they can’t ignore.

J&L’s VIN specific display remarketing capability allows you to catch the eye of car shoppers. This capability allows you to serve VIN (car) specific ads to previous website visitors  that viewed a vehicle details page. The high relevance of these VIN specific ads defeats banner ad blindness and results in quality clicks to your website.

Case Study

A Honda Dealer in TN experienced a 50% increase in clickthrough rate using VIN specific display remarketing instead of standard display remarketing.

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