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J&L Marketing was founded in 1991. At the time, most car dealers had a disconnect between sales and marketing. In response to this pain point, we designed turn-key direct marketing solutions. These marketing solutions have proven widely successful and J&L Marketing has experienced rapid growth.

Today, J&L Marketing has more than 100 employees and representatives throughout the United States. We’ve increased traffic and sales for over 7,000 dealerships and have preferred vendor relationships with seventeen automotive brands.

Our Core Values

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Campaign Management

Everything you need to provide real results


Marketing Strategy

Instant traffic, amazing conversions, elite customer experience.


Deep Data

Identifies who we target, when the right time is, and how we motivate them to respond.

Massive Results

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help our clients consistently achieve and surpass their goals. Whether they’re looking to increase awareness, boost traffic and sales, or win back lost customers, we want to provide marketing solutions to each of our clients’ greatest needs. We do this by creating new and exciting solutions to some of the biggest marketing challenges the automotive industry is facing and delivering real, tangible, and significant results as a result of these solutions.

The benefits

Our proven process


We have the expertise in data, analytics, and marketing strategy to target the best customer: the one who’s ready to buy now.


Our highly talented team works with you every step of the way, ensuring that you and your staff are fully prepared for your campaign.


Our turn-key campaigns motivate customers to buy more often, purchase at higher margins and encourage others to do the same.


We build and improve on what works and eliminate what doesn’t, consistently providing you the best campaign possible.


With us, you capitalize on every money-making opportunity, from your sales floor to your service lanes.

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